Why You Should NEVER Order a Wedding Gown Online!

Hello again, beautiful readers. We normally try to keep things lighthearted and fun on our blog because, as we've talked about before, wedding planning can already be very stressful. One of the biggest sources of anxiety in wedding planning is finding a wedding gown. Brides worry about what style will suit them, whether they can slim down in time to squeeze into their dress, etc. But more importantly, brides worry about the cost of their gown. For a bride on a tight budget, finding a gown that you not only love but can actually afford is a real challenge. Now, we realize that we can encourage brides to buy from authorized vendors until the cows come home but when you're adding up all those wedding expenses, taking a few "shortcuts" starts to sound like a good idea. In this case, the "shortcut" is making the choice to buy a wedding dress online.

Don't get us wrong: we totally understand why buying online would seem like a good option in this case. You'll possibly snag a cheaper dress and not have to go through making an appointment or trying on a bunch of dresses that you don't like. It seems easier. But truthfully, it's actually much, much harder in the long run. Let us describe a very realistic scenario.

You shop around a little, browse a few sites and stumble upon what looks like your dream dress at a fraction of the price. Sure, it's coming from a site you've never heard of but if you can save money on this expense then you could put more money into some other part of your wedding. So you place the order and wait a few weeks for your gown to arrive. Your order finally gets to your door and you eagerly tear open the packaging to reveal... An absolute nightmare! 

This photo is from a Buzzfeed article that goes over this very topic. Click the photo to read their take on it.

This photo is from a Buzzfeed article that goes over this very topic. Click the photo to read their take on it.

Nearly every time you order from one of these discount wedding sites, you're getting a cheap Chinese knockoff. The dress you order will most likely be too shiny, too short, too tight, the wrong style, the wrong color, or have some other major design flaw. These companies steal photos from the websites of legitimate designers and post them to their websites to make you believe that the dress you're buying is going to be beautiful. Then they make a lousy attempt at recreating the dress with cheap materials. So instead of going to a legitimate vendor and getting a quality dress at a fair price, you end up with what amounts to a bedazzled tablecloth for a steal.

Still on the fence about whether to buy online? Just watch this Youtube video.

If you need more proof that buying online is a bad idea, click here to visit Bridal Beware and see even more heartbreaking photos of brides that were scammed by one of these knockoff sites.

We don't write about this issue to scare you or bully you into shopping at a bridal shop. All we want is to warn you of the dangers. If we had a dollar for every time we had a bride come into our store in tears because they bought online and were scammed, we could probably afford to open another location! So be thrifty but be careful. The only guarantee is to make your gown yourself or to visit an authorized bridal vendor. You'll get the attention you deserve and the gown of your dreams. And if you visit us, we know you'll find a dress within your budget.

Take our advice to heart and keep us in mind when you're dress shopping. It may be a little more effort to come in and try things on with us but you can rest easy knowing that we'll take great care of you and find you a real wedding gown. Not a cheap knockoff. ;)

That's all for now, dear readers. And, as always, remember:

Beautiful is Affordable!